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Swiss Color Lip 403 Passion Berry 10ml

Swiss Color Lip 403 Passion Berry 10ml

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Description: Warm pink color with a subtle cool undertone for a clear lip color. The special feature of this pigment color is that it can be used universally on any skin type.

About pigments: Swiss Color® Lip pigments with their velvety-saturated consistency are ideally suited to the sensitive area of the lip. The pigments are particularly easy to work into the skin and enable immediate color penetration. After the first treatment, up to 70% of the pigments remain in the skin.

The Lip pigments can be used pure or mixed, leaving plenty of scope for individual customer wishes.

Pigment has an iron oxide-free, slightly creamy formula and a well-flowing texture.

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, CI 77891, CI 73907, PVP, CI 56110, CI 56300, Silica, PEG-400, Simethicone

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