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Swiss Color Base 102 Yellow 10 ml

Swiss Color Base 102 Yellow 10 ml

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Description: For correction of aubergine and violet/purple colored lips and eyebrows. Use in small quantities to lighten dark brow pigments.

About pigments: The Base pigments have been developed to create an almost endless range of shades by mixing them with all other Swiss Color® pigments.

102 Yellow and 103 Orange are used to correct aubergine, violet, blue or grey faded lips and eyebrows. 

The Base pigments consist of 5 pigments that can be mixed with all Swiss Color® pigments without hesitation. Like all pigments, those of the Base series are also free of iron oxides, NDELA, tartrazine, PAH, alcohol, azo dyes as well as fragrances and preservatives. All Base pigments are available in 10 ml.

Base pigments refine the desired color shades. Thereby the color palette can be expanded individually. Only mix small quantities with the pigment colors. Important: do not use pure!

Ingredients:  Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, CI 56300, PEG-400, Silica, Simethicone

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