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Mast Magi Pen

Mast Magi Pen

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Dragonhawk Mast Magi RCA Rotary Pen

Rotary mast magi machine for permanent make-up. It is convenient to do any work with the machine - from contours to soft shadows, from large paints to soft shadings, and is also suitable for the "Hair" technique. Simple and convenient adjustment of the needle outreach, has minimal vibration, but, nevertheless, a Japanese motor unsurpassed in power. Mast Magi Pen is fully compatible with modules and power equipment from different manufacturers. Suitable for all types of permanent makeup works and soft realism tattoos. Mast Magi is compatible with all standard Mast, Defender and Kwadron cartridges.


Motor: Coreless
Operating voltage: 5 - 12V / Range 12V - 12000/min
Stroke: 2.0 mm 
Connection: RCA
Weight 91 gr.

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