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Swiss Color

Swiss Color Eyeliner 301 Ultrablack 10ml

Swiss Color Eyeliner 301 Ultrablack 10ml

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The secret of these Eyeliner pigments is a perfectly balanced formula. Treatment time can be significantly reduced. For rich or, if desired, elegantly shaded eyeliner results.

Description: Beautiful black with a creamy consistency. For any skin type.

About pigments: Eyeliner pigments are the solution for any eyeliner treatment. Deep, saturated color that remains free of iron oxides delivers perfect results every time. With its high-purity ingredients, the pigment line offers the highest standard of quality. Optimized granulation, high pigment density, colorfastness, and maximum pigment retention in the skin are the hallmarks of these pigments.

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, CI 77266, Silica, PEG-400, Simethicone

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