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Nord Medical Supply

Nord Guard Film

Nord Guard Film

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Elevate your tattoo aftercare with Nord Guard Film - your ink's new best friend. Our cutting-edge product is meticulously designed to ensure your fresh body art receives the attention and care it truly deserves.

Nord Guard Film, the ultimate choice for safeguarding your ink, is tailored to seamlessly complement your post-tattoo lifestyle. Crafted with precision, this innovation offers robust protection against the elements while maintaining exceptional breathability. It doesn't just protect; it partners with your body's natural defenses to promote faster healing and rejuvenate your skin in ways you've never experienced before.

Our film's unparalleled thinness and flexibility set it apart from the competition, assuring you a hassle-free first week of aftercare. Apply it, and you can confidently forget it's there.

Here's what Nord Guard Film brings to the table:

🌈 Vibrant Colors, Deeper Blacks: Shield your tattoo from detrimental irritants like UV rays, dirt, microbes, and moisture to enhance your ink's lasting brilliance.

🌬️ Advanced Healing: Our ultra-breathable, lightweight composition not only protects but also facilitates oxygen flow to the healing skin, all while securing your body's natural healing agents.

✨ Premium Matte Finish: Unlike other barrier films, Nord Guard Film maintains a pristine appearance without any unsightly crinkling or unwanted adherence to your clothing.

☀️ Sun Protection: A specialized black top layer provides an additional layer of protection against direct sunlight, ensuring your tattoo remains vibrant for years to come.

Make Nord Guard Film your choice for tattoo aftercare, and experience the difference for yourself. Your ink will thank you.

Specs: 6 inches x 11 yds.

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