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EZ EvoTech S Wireless Pen

EZ EvoTech S Wireless Pen

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EZ EvoTech S Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine Pen

Wireless tattoo and pmu machine Ez Evotech S handle for tattoo artists and permanent makeup with a direct drive system. Light and comfortable tattoo machine by EZ. Suitable for all types of work. Provides freedom of work of the artist at any time and anywhere. It is convenient to do any work with a machine - from lining to soft shades, from large packing to soft shading.

It has the best EZ Customized Swiss Motor engine in its class. Equipped with a high -quality power supply for 1520 ma/h. LCD display with indication of operating time, operating voltage and percentage of the battery residue.

Vibration and noise are minimal, and the shape allows you to keep the machine without fatigue and use it for hours. Open new horizons with EZ EvoTech S.
The declared time of work by the manufacturer is up to 4 hours. The working hours may vary depending on the voltage and the module configuration used. The battery charging time is 2 hours.


• Model: EZ EvoTech S.
• Engine: EZ Customized Swiss Motor.
• Speed: 12000 rpm.
• Material: Aviation aluminum.
• Stroke: 3.5 mm or 4.0 mm
• Work voltage: 5 - 9V.
• Switching frequency: 60 - 160 Hz.
• Battery capacity: 1520 mAh.
• Work hours: up to 4 hours.
• Charging time: 2 hours.
• Needle Depth: 0 - 4.5 mm. (adjustment by turning the holder).
• Length: 108 mm.
• Diameter: 33 mm.
• Weight: 160 gr.

Kit Includes:
- Ez EvoTech S. machine.
- Type-C battery charge wire.
- Box.

The batteries in this version are charged from USB Type-C. The device does not support fast charging.
We recommend using a standard charger and cable. Fast charging can lead to damage to the battery.
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